The main restaurant BOTANICO is open for buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The restaurant has a stylish modern interior and answers the demands even of the most pretentious customers.The rich variety of food and beverages made of high quality products add to the pleasure of our guests.

For the connoisseurs of the real food, our products bring irresistible pleasure because they are carefully chosen for each dish at BOTANICO.
The meat which is produced in our own farms is a guarantee for our attitude to the quality of the food. All sausages and delicacies are also produced by us with traditional recipes.
We raise pigs and calves in our farm and happy and free hens, ducks and geese in our ranch.
In green houses in the area, they grow completely clean and natural products- fresh, tasty and ripened in the sun, which we add to our dishes.
For the diversity to our customers we also offer a virtual tour to near and far countries by organizing themed dinners with selected dishes.

Restaurant BOTANICO has two halls and a richly landscaped outside terrace.